VipSwap — The Cross-chain Social Mining DEX, first issued on BSC

The Genesis Mining is officially launched

1,Opening Time:16:00PM (UTC+8) April 21st

2,Genesis Mining Pool


3,Invite Mining

The bonus coefficient of first-level inviting hashpower is 15%

The bonus coefficient of second-level inviting hashpower is 10%

Meanwhile,the invited friends can also gain the invitee rewards with the bonus coefficient of 5%

Example: A invited B, B invited C

First-level invitation hashpower : A can get a 15% bonus from B'staking mining benefits

Second-level invitation hashpower : A can get a 10% bonus from C'staking mining benefits

Invitee bonus : B can get an extra 5% bonus from his own staking mining benefits

1. Introductoin

VipSwap is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools. As a fully functional DEX, we also quote the mining concept of social interaction, and are committed to building a decentralized exchange with DEX + social integration.

We will issue the world’s first decentralized…


Across-Chain Social Mining Dex

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