VipSwap Economic Whitepaper1.0

1. Introductoin

VipSwap is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools. As a fully functional DEX, we also quote the mining concept of social interaction, and are committed to building a decentralized exchange with DEX + social integration.

We will issue the world’s first decentralized transaction and social mining concept, which will further enhance transaction activity and create more value for users.

VipSwap is committed to building a DeFi platform integrating DEX, IMO/ICO, and DAO on BSC、ETH、OKchain and HECO, providing users with a safer and more reliable asset selection and configuration, and a higher expected return on investment decentralized token exchange service.

As VipSwap’s core trading medium token-VIP, this article will describe the economic model of VipSwap token in detail.

2.Token Economic

2.1 Basic Information

Name: VIP (VipSwap Token)

Total amount: About 21 million

Block time: Every 3 seconds (based on BSC)

Halve time: halve every one months

2.2 Economic model

The total supply of VipSwap is about 21 million, of which 5% is used as a team reward for operation, and development, etc.;5% is used as early investors’ share to provide more sufficient funds and

resources; and it will be unlocked in 6 months after being launched by smart

contracts. 10% is used for community governance; 5% is used for market promotion and brand building; Both are unlocked linearly after

being launched. The remaining 75% is used for liquidity mining on BSC.

2.3 Fee

After the liquidity mining is started, the platform will charge a transaction fee of 0.3%, and all the transaction fees will be returned to the LP creator. In the later stage, we will Charge protocol fees of 0.05% from platform transaction based on community voting, and use the protocol fees for platform repurchase or airdrop.

3.Application scenarios

As the core medium of exchange token of VipSwap, VIP not only represents the rights of the holders, but also has its practical application value. VIP can be used in the following scenarios.

3.1 Governance tokens

VIP is a community-led decentralized project that can be used for community governance of VipSwap to make decisions on major issues in the community. Such as voting on transaction fee ratios, review of other important rules, and the decision to achieve deflation in the face of periodic repurchase and destruction of tokens. The list is as follows:

3.1.1 Voting

The comprehensive evaluation is made according to the transaction volume and Lock volume, and the VIP users vote for the decision.

3.1.2 Repurchase and destruction

VipSwap will use 40% of the total revenue of the protocol fees (0.05% of the platform transaction fees) to repurchase and destroy the VIP, the remaining 60% will be used to purchase BNB or oether token for airdrops to VIP pledger.

3.2 Standard fundraising tokens

VIP is also a standard fundraising token used by BNB-IMO, a de-centralization fundraising protocol based on VipSwap platform. It’s similar to use ETH to do ICOs on Ethereum platform and will have greater value as IMO is widely used.


VipSwap is a highly innovative DEFI project that combines the advantages of DEX on the market and the features of centralized exchange platform token. Based on the Binance Smart Chain 、ETH、OKchain and HECO,which is developing rapidly and gradually flourishing in ecology, VipSwap has a great space for imagination and growth. Starting from DEX, VipSwap is looking forward to giving play to the unlimited potential of DEFI in the fields of lending, insurance, asset management and so on.

The design and implementation of the VipSwap project are also continuously improved, including how to attract more external assets, and how to innovate more business model of DEFI. We are looking forward to the active participation of all community members to optimize the VipSwap project.

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